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            The artisans of the Christmas Market on V?r?smarty Square have moved to an online platform!

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            top attractions

            Budapest Card - Get the most out of your stay!

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            Budapest Card

            • FREE public transport
            • Use one of the 30+ free services, and see attractions for free
            • Enjoy a 90% discount off the prices of over 100 attractions, programmes or culinary events
            • Visit the top landmarks
            • Enjoy the atmosphere of the historical thermal baths
            • Taste traditional Hungarian dishes

            Budapest Card. See more. Save more.

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            BUDAPEST CARD Plus

            What makes it a Plus? In addition to the 40+ services included in the BUDAPEST CARD product range for free, you also get an airport transfer, a cruise on the Danube, free admission to Matthias Church, a ride on the Buda Castle Funicular Railway and a chimney cake from Molnár’s, all free of charge.

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